Are you struggling to find a perfect gift for the rock climber in your life? Thankfully, rock climbers typically aren’t too fussy when it comes to gifts.  Simple chalk and a cool sticker or ‘biner will usually do. Here is a gift guide of 10 practical ideas for a rock climber.

  1. Chalk

Climbers go through chalk like my old Honda went through engine oil.  Fast. Most gyms these days are wanting climbers to use liquid chalk (thanks Covid), as it contains alcohol and fights germs.  Midnight Lightning chalk, Friction Labs, Saatva, and multiple other brands make liquid chalk. If the person you are buying for has sensitive skin or can’t use liquid chalk, powdered chalk is also a great option. Black diamond, Metolius, Flashed, and a plethora of other brands have powdered chalk. Most outdoor stores or climbing gyms sell chalk.

  1. Boulder Brush

Boulder brushes are not only for boulderers. Surprise! Any climber in your life would benefit from having a small brush on them.  It is a useful tool to help brush off gunk that has been left on climbing holds by other climbers or just from the natural environment. Look at your nearest outdoor store or climbing gym for this handy tool!

  1. Chalk Bag

Chalk bags come in all sorts of different styles and colours, so you can have fun with this one!  Most major climbing brands have chalk bags and they can be found at outdoor stores such as Valhalla Pure Outfitters or MEC.  You may also be able to find unique hand-made chalk bags on Etsy. 

  1. Carabiners

Can a climber ever have too many ‘biners?  Locking carabiners, wire gate, or straight gate carabiners are all useful.  Just ensure they are meant for climbing. It will specify on the package.  Black Diamond, Petzl, Metolius, Edelrid, Mammut, and Camp are all brands that make carabiners. A climbing specialist at an outdoor store will be able to guide you on which one would be best for the climber in your life!

Climbing on Quadra Island, BC
  1. Hang board

All climbers want to train hard to get the send. Or at the very least, they like the idea of training.  A hangboard provides an opportunity for climbers to work on finger strength from the comfort of their own home.  Metolius, Beastmaker, and the Trango Rock Prodigy Training Centre are all excellent hangboards.  Hangboards can usually be found at local climbing gyms, too.

  1. Climber’s Cream 

It’s no secret that climber’s hands are ROUGH.  All that holding on to sharp rock does a number on the fingers.  Hand cream or salve made for climbers will help keep the fingers in good shape. Files are also a good option for those nasty climber callouses. ClimbOn or Climb Skin make some good products.  Local climbing gyms should also have options for skincare for climbers.

  1. Climbing Books

What do climbers do when they can’t climb?  Well, they think about climbing. They dream about climbing. They look at the weather to see when they can go climbing next.  So, what better gift than a book that will keep their mind occupied and their dreams alive?

Training books such as The Rock Warriors Way by Arno Ilger, Vertical Mind by Don McGrath and Jeff Elison, and the classic, Freedom of the Hills, are books that are geared toward climbing knowledge and training. Alone on the Wall by Alex Honnold, Women who Dare by Christ Noble, and The Push by Tommy Caldwell are books to inspire climbers. Guidebooks for different crags are also very useful for climbers.  A subscription to the Sloper app provides an opportunity for climbers to have access to multiple different guidebooks.

  1. Belay Gloves 

Belay gloves keep the belayer’s hands warm when their buddy wants to go climbing in shoulder season.  They also keep hands clean and provide protection from the rope.  MEC, Valhalla Pure Outfitters, or other outdoor stores carry belay gloves.

  1. Belay Glasses

Save your climber’s neck by getting them a pair of belay glasses.  Very useful for sport or trad climbers.  Most outdoor stores carry belay glasses.

10. Climbing Gear Patent

This is a really neat idea if the climber in your life enjoys art or has a “climbing room” in the house. It makes for a unique and trendy gift. See ideas here:

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For unique chalk bags:

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